Watcher for Watch everything!

Watcher simplifies the integration of non-connected systems by detecting changes in data and facilitates the development of monitoring, security and process automation applications. Think of Watcher as an intercom or a bridge between different servers or between different applications on the same server. Or you can simply take advantage of Watcher’s capabilities to develop your project.

“Watch everything”

Currently the functionality of detecting changes in the file system is implemented. However, the project has a larger scope and we invite you to collaborate with us to achieve the goal of “Watch Everything”. One step at a time! Come on and join us.

Starting with the file system 🗂️

Yes, we have started implementing watcher to observe and detect changes in the file system. You can use watcher to discover changes related to file creation, file deletion and file alteration. You can find out more about our all the Watcher features in these pages.

Watcher is Free, Open Source and User Focused 💓

Our code is free and open source. We like open source but we like socially responsible software even more. Watcher is distributed under MIT license.

First steps

Your project needs to process inputs that trigger your business logic but those inputs are out of your control? Do you want to integrate your project based on detection of file system changes? Learn about the great options Watcher offers for advanced change detection that you can leverage for your project development.

Getting started with Watcher

Learn more about configuring your automated documentation builds and some of the core features of Watcher.

  • Overview of core features: Incoming webhooks | /custom_domains | /versions | /downloadable-documentation | /hosting | /server-side-search | /analytics /pull-requests

  • Connecting with GitHub, BitBucket, or GitLab: Connecting your VCS account | VCS webhooks

  • Watcher build process: Configuration reference | Build process | /badges |

  • Troubleshooting: /support | Frequently asked questions

Step-by-step Guides

These guides will help walk you through specific use cases related to Watcher itself.

  • /guides/tools

  • /guides/platform

  • /guides/commercial

Advanced features of Watcher

Watcher offers many advanced features and options. Learn more about these integrations and how you can get the most out of Watcher.

  • Advanced project configuration: subprojects | Single version docs

  • Multi-language documentation: Translations and localization

  • Redirects: User defined redirects | Automatic redirects

  • Versions Automation rules

  • Topic specific guides: How-to guides

  • Extending Watcher: REST API

Watcher project and organization

Learn about Watcher, the project, and find out how you can get involved and contribute to the development and success of Watcher and the larger software documentation ecosystem.

  • Getting involved with Watcher: Contributing | Development installation | roadmap | Code of conduct

  • Policies & Process: security | Privacy policy | Terms of service | DMCA takedown policy | Policy for abandoned projects | Release notes & changelog

  • The people and philosophy behind Watcher: About Us | Team | Open source philosophy | Our story

  • Financial and material support: advertising/index | Sponsors

  • Watcher for Business: Support and additional features